NFP and the emini …

at 0830 EST today I’m going to be drinking a cup of coffee, more than likely meditating or playing some kick ass music but the farthest thing from my mind is going to be the NFP.  this manipulated number has BILLIONS if not TRILLION of HFT (high frequency trading programs) going crazy on the BID/ASK w/ fraction of milliseconds execution.  how can a pattern recognition trader in his home office compete w/ that … not that I can’t, I’m just not …

how about the EURO yesterday?  some fundamental announcement about inflation (if you don’t have inflation could you have DEFLATION (?)) and the EURO gets hammered and then, out of no where, the BID comes in (read: our FED) and today wasn’t the day and KABOOM it’s gone higher …FX is a wonderful, 4 trillion dollar/day market.  the gorillas are big and they juggle dynamite!

I digressed …here’s what I “see” – note a a very symmetrical 5 wave move down and now the “typical” three wave move up and a PATTERN completing in/around 1800. Upper targets are shown and they could be hit …

bottom line – grab a cup of Joe or

E mini before non farm

E mini before non farm

Green Tea and just sit on your hands.  things will settle down, a pattern will appear and let it rip.

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