Butterfly Effect and the markets …

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you know what, that theory was proven … its’ fact folks, scientific fact.  done … no more discussion needed.

so if the physical manifestation of a butterfly can make typhoons happen how powerful are thoughts?  thoughts ARE things and EVERYTHING is a VIBRATION so … what IF, just what IF, the PATTERN on the German Dax from the all time low is going to WORK?  Somewhere out there for whatever reason the “butterfly flapped it’s wings at the all time low” and set the course for the creation of this wave that has developed.  The wave that has developed is a PATTERN and that SELL PATTERN or SELL wave is either going to work or “not develop as forecasted” (willi willi from my flying days)

see the POINT A .. that is where the butterfly flapped it's wings ...energy, vibration, waves, etc.  The PATTERN is complete
see the POINT A .. that is where the butterfly flapped it’s wings …energy, vibration, waves, etc. The PATTERN is complete

so, I think (I really don’t know fundamentals or any of that crap) that Germany is important to the Eurozone.  I KNOW they have completed a MAJOR sell pattern and basically, they have rallied up like the last time.  So, is it time for it to start back down? We’ll see .. perhaps the butterfly flapped it’s wings a lot harder and things explodes to the upside — I do know it’s very important.

rock on, ok?



so, what’s the geometry telling us?  well I like to use the first impulse move down (bold blue arrow) to draw the simple squares.  You can see where teh key trend line REALLY is so watch closely the two areas labeled.


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