$PCLN update 12/20

  12/20/2015: update to PCLN. one can see that this has been an amazing rocket ship. one can also see below that I was “seeing” a top coming in and tried the mirror image foldback, which from a price perspective DID NOT work. then, you can see that I was “seeing” a butterfly pattern and … Continue reading “$PCLN update 12/20”

$PCLN sell pattern complete – FAILED PATTERN

Folks, this mirror image got smoked.  Much like the mirror image for Natural Gas … the mirror images fail at the inflection points and $PCLN has rolled thru the pattern. ERASE … ERASE…ERASE. Where are we now? Well, if we look at the candles you’ll see the 2nd largest monthly candle since the IPO occurred … Continue reading “$PCLN sell pattern complete – FAILED PATTERN”

Natural Gas – another look

folks, the foldback failed .. it sure was a pretty set up down at the very very low price.  I’ve thrown a count up there and not too confident of the first part (the left portion) but what I do feel very confident about is the subdivisions of the current wave – which I have … Continue reading “Natural Gas – another look”

post w/ the gang over @seeitmarket about Germany and some more …

the “powder keg” in this global, interconnected financial world appears to be Germany w/ $DB woes and Volkswagon and a bunch of debt.  here’s a post about that: German DAX Weighed Down By VW Scandal And DB Concerns over in the states we also need to watch a very key level in the JNK ETF.  … Continue reading “post w/ the gang over @seeitmarket about Germany and some more …”

the “Willie Willie” ,Derivatives and Deutsche Bank

One of the things REQUIRED before flying was to check the weather.  Makes sense, hugh? One day, we checked the weather and, well, there was a “Willie Willie” or weather warning for our local area for when we were going to be landing.  News flash, don’t go flying…..BUT (always the “but” rebuttal) we HAD TO … Continue reading “the “Willie Willie” ,Derivatives and Deutsche Bank”

$PCLN and a potential mirror image fold back

have blogged about “mirror image foldbacks” before … when they work they are truly amazing.  do a “search” for Mirror Image Foldback on this site and you’ll see the work.  right now, it appears the Natural Gas Mirror Image Foldback is at risk of feeling … other than that, most have worked. here’s the picture … Continue reading “$PCLN and a potential mirror image fold back”

EURO – is it “time”

when I get ready to put a “position” on I ALWAYS erase the chart and start at the longest, most “biggest” time frame that I can use … in getting ready to put a “positional”  idea to work I like to understand where it’s been and where it’s going … as they use to say … Continue reading “EURO – is it “time””

why we should care about Australia redux from November 2014

the All Ordinaries has gone up and hit the target shown below and, while the .786 retracement target has not been hit, it appears a top could be in place. Over the coming weeks/days watch this one closely for an opportunity to trade a pattern to the short side.     November 2014: the All … Continue reading “why we should care about Australia redux from November 2014”