Technology vs Staples (XLK / XLP) Ratio Analysis

I like Ratio Analysis … I also like to work w/ the patterns on these charts. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I ‘try’ (the operative word) to not read, watch or listen to any ‘other’ financial news commentary. Yes, there are people that I follow and am … Continue reading “Technology vs Staples (XLK / XLP) Ratio Analysis”

relative strength of staples vs the S&P importance

in order to get up to speed, if you have not been following, please see the following post: we completed a perfect price/time pattern BUY on the ratio and it did, in fact, respect the pattern level.  HOWEVER, since then we have taken out the lows of that pattern and if we go back … Continue reading “relative strength of staples vs the S&P importance”

Staples Strength vs the S&P

if you wan to catch up I recommend reading the following two posts: this AM, our pattern that we have been following has completed.  what does that mean?  the pattern either works or it doesn’t … if it works then our thesis is that the staples (as a sector of the overall market) … Continue reading “Staples Strength vs the S&P”

the ratio of STAPLES to the S&P ($XLP / $SPX) – trust me, it’s important

if you have the time, please read this post: .  You’ll note that I incorrectly saw a triangle and expected the market to roll over once the break out occurred.  that analysis was wrong … however, the market went UP when the ratio went down — exactly like it’s used to.  We are now approaching another … Continue reading “the ratio of STAPLES to the S&P ($XLP / $SPX) – trust me, it’s important”

Targets a plenty ….

02/24/2020 UPDATE: well today was a pretty smashing day as “days” go but in the big picture it’s really nothing. but, he fact that the NYSE Index hit the target – from the all time low – so nicely, we do have to be defensive as explained, roughly a month and a half ago … … Continue reading “Targets a plenty ….”

monitoring the NYSE Inex

my last two posts concerning the NYSE Index and the relative strength of the index (ratio analysis) are here: just providing an update as it looks like the NYSE Index is about to start a ‘corrective’ leg down … then, ultimately, I will be looking for the BUY PATTERN lower (will try to update if/when … Continue reading “monitoring the NYSE Inex”

XLP/NYA ratio analysis – an update

06/09/2019 – back to our old favorite. you know I’ve been watching this one for a while. I was hawking a low in the ratio in mid-2018 but missed it from a time perspective … then, in retrospect, easily saw the measured move and the .786 retrace. I’m human, I missed it. should have been … Continue reading “XLP/NYA ratio analysis – an update”