GOOGLE update

07/16/2017 – well, the area defined below did hold and, thus far, show a lot of strength blasting off from this area.  for now, would look for 998-990 to act as near term resistance.  There isn’t a lot of form/structure to look for a pattern SELL so for now watch the numbers discussed in the … Continue reading “GOOGLE update”

GOOGLE update

I’ve spent some time over @seeitmarket working on GOOGLE.  This was my last post: As you are probably aware, it blew thru the target area. Now, it did spend roughly a year and half at the target level but in the end it blasted off. Back to the drawing board … Where are we … Continue reading “GOOGLE update”

GOOG update …

continuing to work GOOG as one, if note the most, “important” stocks to be watching w/ regards to it’s weighting, psychological effect, etc …click the link below to see previous posts.  we are in another zone of targets that “probably won’t” hold it, because as luck would have it his stock is NEVER going to … Continue reading “GOOG update …”

A revisit to GOOG …

if you go back some posts you will find a SHORT on GOOG was triend in/around the 922 area based on the classic AB=CD or thunderbolt pattern.  It held from May to October and then EXPLODED higher … ouch on that one. also, if you go back some posts you’ll find the 1080 ish level … Continue reading “A revisit to GOOG …”

GOOG and AAPL update

I should have known … for those who have been reading this blog, we’ve seen 1.68179 come up a lot lately.  It was the extension target on an intraday basis for the emini, it was a price projection ratio (1.68179-1 – .68179) for the Pound vs USD and a host of other.  the reason I … Continue reading “GOOG and AAPL update”

Defense Index and GOOG an amazing correlation ….things that make you go hmmmm….?

perhaps you are aware, perhaps you are not … I spent 11 glorious years in the United States Navy flying F-14 Tomcats off the pointy end of an aircraft carrier.  It was a great ride …because of that, I still consult from time to time for the Defense, Aerospace and IC sectors …keeping an eye … Continue reading “Defense Index and GOOG an amazing correlation ….things that make you go hmmmm….?”