AAPL and GOOG patterns completing …

here was the geometry for the top in AAPL:


here was the geometry for the low in AAPL:

April 7 2013 AAPL daily April 7 2013 AAPL monthly

as we approached the low a very symmetrical 3 drives to a bottom appeared:

dec 06 2013 AAPL bottom

the “first” top that appeared gave us a sell signal and about 70 bucks but the market moved up and higher …now, we are completing another pattern along w/ returning to the trend line on AAPL.  So, this is a very crucial juncture for the market …

Dec 06 2013 AAPL Dec 06 2013 AAPL trend line

GOOG — how UnAmerican can you get – trying to short GOOG?  Well, it’s just numbers and patterns so guess what we are “there” again w/ GOOG so after the near knockout punch of a simple 100 point gap in your face – why not?

here’s the blog of the “next” target:


here’s the update:


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